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In one side, the client. The other, an uninformed salesperson that seems like to be walking in circles with his questions. To avoid situations like that, the prospecting script exists.
Unfortunate, they don’t have a good reputation. However, the fact is that a good script can mean a true game change for the inside sales. In the next lines we explain why.

What is the importance of a script in the inside sales?

A prospecting script not only maintains message consistency but also ensures that everyone remains aligned on key points and follows a unified direction.

We cannot fail to mention that a good script already anticipates the objections and doubts that the Prospect may have. Thus, sellers steer the conversation to address these concerns and, if they feel they are “losing” the person on the other end, they are better able to change the course of the conversation.

  • To the list of advantages of a script, we add:
  • Stress reduction of the sales team.
  • Increase of prospecting efficiency.
  • Improve the relationship between seller and prospect.
  • Helps the prospect to become interested in the
  • Prospect qualification.
  • Boost the generation of qualified leads.

Is there an ideal approach to a proper script?

The script is made up of questions that serve to get to know better the prospect, qualify him and, if applicable, make him walk down the sales funnel. Understood this, keep in mind that the ideal approach is one that respects the prospect in the first place.

This means that, although there is a set of questions, it is not the sales representative’s role to follow them one by one as if they were conducting an interview. The professional needs to know how to listen to direct the conversation course as the answers are given.

To understand it well, note that prospecting scripts present an ideal situation. However, during the interaction with the prospect, this situation can change and dictate the conversation course. Therefore, besides knowing how to listen, it is fundamental to know how to react.

Imagine, for example, that you must go from point A to point B in your city. You know the path, so, you drive with ease. However, at a certain moment you found out that one of the streets is blocked. The only way out of this situation is to act quickly and take another route.

How to build and implement this process in my business?

The main point is to understand that the right script is one that can hold your customer’s attention. There is a well-known sales methodology that can be used to structure the prospecting script for inside sales. We are talking about Spin Selling.

The method revolves around four types of groups of questions, which are:


  • (S) Situation: questions to understand the scenario in which the lead finds himself.
  • (P) Problem: questions with the aim of identifying the problems faced.
  • (I) Implication: questions to explore the causes and effects (here the idea is to make the lead realize the consequences that may exist if the problem isn’t solved).
  • (N) Need for a solution: questions to show that the product or service will help heal the pain and bring results.

Finally, understand that the prospecting script provides consistency and method, that are essential for the process to bring results.

To create the questions sequence, it is recommended to use CRM. The tool maintains an action history, ensuring that the sales team has a knowledge base to explore behavior models, and, this way, increasingly improve prospecting efforts.

And to help you prospect with excellence, find out what consultative prospecting is and what its advantages are.


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