Clients Prospecting

Clients Prospecting

Prospecta Global Solutions is a global leader in commercial leverage solutions, whether in strategy preparation or pre-sales through specialized solutions for qualifying new potential customers, at all levels of maturity, or even on post-sales through our service channels that were specialized and designed to meet each demand exclusively. Your company focuses on the product and service while leaving market leverage to the global leader when it comes to commercial demand generation.

Not all the leads must be addressed or even be on the sales funnel of your sales team, for that matter, we always analyze two important factors, your medium sales cost and the pricing of your products and services.

Not all LEAD can be classified as it, for that matter we designed in our business model the typification of SUSPECTs, that is nothing else than a buyer suspect, with a maturity level more advanced than just a LEAD.

A Prospect is a Prospect, in other words, at PGS, when our clients hire us on the Prospect qualification it means that its product or service is already mature on the market.

The Prospecta Global Solutions performs and boosts the development of Personas defined in set in each project, with the objective of potentializing even more the products and services of our clients.

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