Telesales & Omnichannel CS

Telesales & Omnichannel CS

The telesales is an interaction channel with your customers, that establishes personalized and single communication for sales, it can be:

  • Active: Offers products or services via telephone.
  • Receptive: Receives purchase requests via telephone and other desired communication channels.

Prospecta Global Solutions implements projects of personalized telesales, hiring qualified agents, with a profile adequate to the culture of your company, in addition to knowledge in the field of negotiation.

The entire team receives training with a focus on results, quality workshops, and workshops aimed at valuing the human potential of each professional, contributing to their growth.

We serve 24/7 according to your project, with central in Brazil, being able to attend countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentine, Chile, Portugal and United States, also in Latin America Countries.

We offer a specialized service of Customer Service for companies of consumer goods, banking sectors, food industry, communication and telecommunication companies, television stations, media companies, business conglomerates, pharmaceutical industry among others. The Customer Service Prospecta GS is different because it uses multichannel service in an automated way, integrated and intelligent, with implemented technologies developed by a team of intern specialists.

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