Internationalization of services and products

Internationalization of services and products

For companies that have the project of internationalize their products or services in countries from South America, Central and North as well as countries from Europe, Prospecta develops the planning, the prospecting of new clients and business partners, implementation of project, identification of markets, direct support to business, involvement in extension in customer portfolio and sales. We count on a multitasked and multilingual team, with expertise in execution of services.


Fast formulation and operations start;

Specialized and dedicated team to each project;

Expertise in commercial prospecting;

Fixed monthly investment with investment projection and return;

Complete business support and multilingual team;

Intern juridic team;

100% digital telephony, integrated in all platforms;

Partners in all countries from South America;

Flexibility of work journeys in teams from Prospecta due to time zone;

Personalized customer service for each client ;

Meetings centered via WebEX;

Complete support to all phases of internationalization;

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