Post-sales & Hold Service

Post-sales & Hold Service

Here at Prospecta Global Solutions the post-sales strategies are all the actions carried out with a customer after he buys from your company.

The goal is to provide a better and fuller experience to each consumer of your business. For that, it is important to bear in mind that the sales teamwork doesn’t end when the trade is closed. The posterior moment is also important to consolidate the relation of the customer and the brand, the customer doesn’t want to feel “forgotten” after a finalized purchase.

Furthermore, by conducting post-sales activities, you can not only meet your customers’ needs but also keep them loyal to your brand. This is why building stronger relationships with consumers after completing sales is essential for ensuring business growth and success. Prospecta Global Solutions can help enhance customer retention, improve brand perception, and service, as well as generate recurring value through new sales, all of this in a synchronized and real-time manner with your internal team. 


Solidifying the relationship between the customer and the company and enhancing the customer experience. 

Customer loyalty and increased trust levels. 

Higher likelihood of customers recommending the brand to others. 

Generating recurring revenue and loyalty campaigns swiftly and accurately at specific dates and moments. 

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