It’s very simple! All you must do is get in touch with us through our contact page and wait for one of our specialists to get back to you. It’s fast. Our projects are designed on demand.

15 business days after signing the contract and starting operations, your company will already get new business or new channels.

Very simple! After presenting a commercial proposal carefully prepared on demand for your scenario, market and customer profile, our Legal Operations team will prepare the contract, which is digitally signed, based on the laws, duties and obligations agreed in the current legislation of your country. In Brazil, for example, the civil code and the CDC are the most common.

Brazil (headquarters), Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, USA, Canada, Portugal, Italy, England, France, Spain and Germany.

Just access our careers page and apply for the opportunity that best suits your profile.

It’s a crucial and indispensable practice for most companies worldwide.
Market Prospecting is one the necessary tools for boosting an organization’s business. It is through ACTIVE Prospecting that new potential clients, partners or channels are identified according to the alignment and needs of our clients. Market Prospecting leverages new accounts in the sales funnel and accelerates sales processes. We here at Prospecta specialize in the B2B Market, where a company seeks another company to sale its products and services.

According to the hired scope, project time and necessary demand. All personalized. We will always have a project that fits your company budget.

Yes! If your company possesses an active National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ) and seeks to grow in the market, win new customers and boost new sales, your company is in the right place.

Yes! Together we greatly accelerate the B2B market niches. If your Startup offers a product of medium or high added value and sells to other companies, your place is with us!

The Prospecta is a global business solutions company. We offer a range of services, products and businesses for any type of company. Access our Solutions area and find out how Prospecta can help your company. We have solutions for all demands from market planning to post sales.

Yes. In 2021 and 2022, Prospecta Global Solutions implemented its Legal Compliance focused on the LGPD, as well as hired the INTUIX processes certifier for validation. Consult our Certifications area and learn more. Rest assured, we are an ethical and global company.

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