Does Artificial Intelligence harm or help your business?

In essence, the sales activity is an interaction between people. What happens when the sales team decides to adopt Artificial Intelligence tools? Everything works in theory, but how is it in reality? Does it harm human relations? To answer these questions, we decided to elaborate on this special article. Once in for all, understand the […]

Investigative Posture: the cherry on the cake to increase your sales

93% of B2B purchases start with an online search, according to this survey. In practice, it means that, when they contact a company, most of the leads today have a sense of what they are doing. This is the reason why far beyond being convinced, the leads want to be understood. As much as the […]

From P to V. Want to read to understand?

In one side, the client. The other, an uninformed salesperson that seems like to be walking in circles with his questions. To avoid situations like that, the prospecting script exists. Unfortunate, they don’t have a good reputation. However, the fact is that a good script can mean a true game change for the inside sales. […]

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